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Baltic Fashion Fairy Tale 2019!

Media group Kids Fashion TV, model and talent agency Star Kids Agency and International Kids Fashion Week pesent: biggest event of the child and teen fashion world of Baltics to be held in hospital winter Tallinn - BALTIC FASHION FAIRY TALE 2019!

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From the 4th to 8th January winter Tallinn will host international fashion ball with lots of beautiful happenings, new friends, presents and mood of magic celebration!



 - Baltic and international collections of premium brands in the chic interior of Monaco restaurant (Nordic Hotel Forum)

​- Daily filmings and interviews for  Kids Fashion TV programs

- Theoretical and practical workshops 


- Stylish photoproject in chic locations 

 - Shooting of big video commercial of beloved TY Toys / TY Fashion new collection together with Star Kids international starts.  Video will be tranlated worldwide!

- Advertising shooting of special guest of our fashion ball - brand from Italy!


- Welcome-party on ice

- Invitations to  Internation Kids Fashion Week for the best catwalk models of the project


We invite to participate boys and girls in age 5-17 years. Catwalk and posing skills as well as etiquette knowledge are necessary! Models get confirmation after castings held by us or by our partners on another territory. 

Applications of agencies and models from  Russia  to be sent on email with the topic 

"Baltic Fashion Fairy Tale 2019".

Applications of agencies and models  of Baltic and other countries to be sent on email with the topic 

"Baltic Fashion Fairy Tale 2019"


New faces from Baltics without previous catwalk and posing studies after successful casting can get in Star Kids studio intensive preparations, necessary for successful participation in the fashion ball.


                                                Looking forwards to see you in magic winter Tallinn!

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