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"Rising Star Academy"
 for kids in age 4-18:

Career development for models and performers on the Star Kids main board.

Our partners list includes international model search projects, castings of young actors, fashion weeks, prestigious competitions, brands and fashion magazines are. In 2023 Star already celebrated its 12th birthday - during this long time we have discovered amount of young talents for international stages and helped each of our pupils to believe in themselves. The search of new talented faces into Star Kids family takes place several times a year according to our casting schedule.


Why not a kids model school but the Rising Stars Academy?

First of all, it is an image laboratory with the purpose is to provide harmonious development of the personality and discover it’s strongest sides, no matter which  direction in performing arts the a child chooses as the main one.

Secondly, our aim is to provide preparation for the world class events, which includes much more  different aspects than basic modeling skills. A standard kids model school program would be insufficient for successful performance at a multiform international competition or Olympiad and becoming a public person.

Thirdly, what differs us from many hobby-studios: the management and teachers of the Star Kids Agency follow the principle of an individual approach, taking into account the experiences, goals, wishes, personality, strengths and weaknesses of each child. Continuous work on own careers and self-growth allows to keep trainings up to date according to the world trends and requirements.

Why are so many of the classes in our program still in modeling direction?

Habbit of graceful appearance, walk and posing, being confident in front of photo and video cameras as well as in front of  large crowd, sencse of taste in style, looks and image making,  being culturally developed and be able to answer unexpected questions with dignity - all these skills are necessary for every performer, even if a child and parents do not plan link the future with modeling. Self-confidence, self-awareness and shiny appearance will be useful for young people in every direction as well as in daily life.

Анна Торгашова15.jpg

Main disciplines:


- classic fashion catwalk

-show catwalk

-evening dress/suit catwalk

*photo and video posing

*basics of acting

*rhythmics & choreography


*backstage etiquette and rules of success

*self-presentation and interview

*photoposing practice 

Intense workshops:

*stage speech

*work with a microphone

*work in front of video camera

*model’s psychology

*model’s dictionary

*model's basic makeup

*stage makeup


*hip hop

*the basics of stylistics and creating an image

*image in social networks and rules for it’s correct use

Making full set of portfolio materials according to international standarts:

*studio test shoots

*snap shoots

*fashion shoots

*videoposing / videosnaps

*catwalk video

*self presentation

*composite cards

*image video (for international public personalities)

Ireni Erbi, the founder of Star Kids, who lives in London, takes care of the successful studying processes of the beginners and the international development of young stars. She was nominated at "The Beautiful People Awards 2017" in Moscow for more than 10 years of dedication to beauty and fashion and  received award from the president of Fashion TV Michel Adam for her dedicated cooperation with the tv channel. As a part of her own career Ireni was promoted the world's top events Cannes Film Festival and Dubai Film Festival as a red carpet TV presenter, where she was ranked among the Top-10 most stylish according to Harper's Bazaar magazine.


Today we are already a large international team of professionals who love life, create beautiful things, share their experiences and want to see a new generation of self-confident youngsters, who are not afraid to be open to the world and choose their own path. The development plan for Star Kids main board  allows them to be ready for the high quality international talent, beauty, fashion and projects.

The development plan for Star Kids main board is prepared allows them to be ready for the high quality international talent, beauty, fashion and projects, After completing theirtwo year of study (or basic course), every member of the agency can apply the acquired knowledges in practice. Every year we search for new faces for the Italian and Asian fashion market, castings for European video commercials and the biggest fashion weeks abroad. Successful young professionals can also represent their countries at the best international talent and model contests, having all the necessary skills and perfect portfolio.

*The management of the agency reserves the right to determine the member's level of preparation for international performance and the right to choose the most suitable project according to it’s schedule and level of difficulty.

Successful children of Star Kids Baltic's main board appear on the covers and pages of magazines and give interviews:


Star Kids Baltic is the very first and leading agency in Baltics creating young stars not only  due to strong foreign partners, not only due the level of professionalism of the management and personal careers that are constantly rising , but also to the agency's own large projects.

Watch the international video advertisement of Ty Fashion's new collection, run by the Star Kids producer Ireni Erbi  from project planning to shooting stylistics, and where Star Kids main board memebers played the main roles:

Star Kids main board trainings and workshops are held both in groups and individually. Before the start of cooperation we decide with each new face, which approach would be the best.

Studies in Tallinn and in Riga take place 1 hour per week in groups according to age and experience.

Classes take place in the city center studios + online. 

Monthly member's fee: 90 EUR

In Estonia we also have a group of remote members - a suitable schedule not for Tallinners by agreement. In Latvia same group to get started soon.

Individual plan - suitable schedule by agreement, monthly fee 500 EUR

Applications from new faces are accepted to Please write information about the child  and the parent's contact information. Please make the subject "Star Kids new face" and enclose 5 pictures (they don’t have to be professional). Please mention, in which area of ​​performing arts your child has talent and experience (if any). Afterwards you will receive an invitation to the live-casting, photo casting or online casting depending on our schedule. Casting doesn’t require any special preparations and child shouldn’t stress about this new experience.

Both girls and boys can apply to join Star Kids main board.

New faces' photo casting in Riga will take place on the 3rd of January and in Tallinn on the 6th of January.

You can follow other daily news and beautiful pictures on the agency's Instagram page @starkids_agency and official Facebook page!

Star Kids @ Stiilistudio. Tallinna TV.

L'Officiel Kids Fashion Cruize 2016

LME 2017. Official photoshoot.

TV Start Estonia 2015 - final show

Star Kids @ Telia TV commercial

Star Kids @ Rakvere TV commercial

Star Kids. Fashion shoot backstage

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